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Part 6 Formulating: Formulating Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

6.1 Formulating Wisdom Category by Category (Author: Charles Warren)

6.2 Skin Lightening, Whitening, and Brightening: 

6.3 Sunscreens

6.4 Antiperspirants / Deodorants 

6.5 Acne, Oily, ad Aging Skin Product Formulation

6.6 Face and Body - Masks / Scrubs

Pigmented Cosmetics

6.8 Color Cosmetics: An Introduction to Formulation and Approaches for Mascaras, Foundations and Lipsticks 

Hair Care

6.9 Formulating Wisdom Category by Category

6.10 Shampoos, Ingredients, Formulation and Efficacy Evaluation

6.11 Hair Styling

6.16 Reactive Hair Care Products

6.17 Formula/Product Development from the Formulator's Viewpoint (Expectations, Initial Prototypes, Final Prototypes) 

 6.18 Oral Care: Formulating Products and Practices for Health and Beauty

Part 7. Sensory Characterization

7.1 Sensory Signals The applied science of sensory perception and its value

Part 8. Delivery Systems

8.1 Delivery Systems for Cosmetics and Personal Care

Part 9 Nutracosmetics

9.1 The Use of Nutraceutical Ingredients in the Cosmetic Industry

9.2  Multi-Functional Botanicals for Nutricosmetics Applications

Part 10 NanoCosmetics

10.1 Nanocosmetics

Part 11 Testing

11.1 Methods to Assess Skin Barrier Integrity: Effects of Cleansing Products

11.2 Imaging Techniques and Analysis for Quantification of Skin Appearance 

11.3 Biophysical Measurement and Evaluation of Skin Elasticity and Topography

11.4 A Survey of Test Methodology Used in Evaluating the Damage, Protection and Repair of Hair

11.5 Clinical Testing of Cosmetics and Skin Care Products: Methods and Instrumentations 

11.6 Nanomaterials Characterization

11.7 In Vitro Assays to Measure Epigenetic Mechanisms Involved with Controlling Gene Expression

Part 12 Sustainability and Eco-Responsibility

12.0 A Global Approach for the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry

12.1 Defining Sustainability and how it changes the innovation process

12.2 A Botanist's view of Sustainability: Use or Abuse in the Personal Care Industry?

12.3 The Herboretum Network for promoting local cultures and biodiversity

12.4 The advantages and potential contribution of local cultures for carbon footprint reduction

12.5 Cosmetic ingredients from plant cell cultures: A new eco-sustainable approach 

12.6 Eco-responsibility applied to plant extraction

12.7 The industrial frame: Concrete, green solutions for production and waste management 

Part 13 Cosmetic Manufacturing

13.1 Cosmetic Manufacturing Processes

13.2 Cold-Process Emulsification Producing Sub-Micron Dispersions: Formulation and Aesthetic Enhancement of Cosmetic and OTC Products

13.3 Intelligent Selection and Manufacture of Natural Extracts

Part 14 Packaging

14.1 Emerging Strategies for Sustainable Packaging: Balancing Materials, Design, and Appearance

14.2 Aerosol Containment and Delivery

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