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Part 4 Ingredients

4.1.0 Ingredients

4.1.1 Surfactants: Thoughtful, Pro-Active Intervention at the Interface of Multiphase Dispersed Systems

4.1.2 Ingredients for Creating the Next Greatest Lipstick

4.1.3 Hyaluronan (Hyaluronic Acid) A Natural Moisturizer Skin Care Ayurveda in personal care Probiotics in Topical Personal Healthcare: A New Understanding A Bright Future Green and sustainable ingredients from Biotransformation and biofermentation

4.1.5 Multi-Functional Botanicals for Topical Applications

4.1.6 Ingredients to Strengthen Skin Barrier Integrity: From algal protective exoskeleton to a Protective Barrier for the Epidermis Antimicrobial Preservatives for the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry Antioxidants: Extending the Shelf Life of Your Products

4.2.1 Natural and Synthetic Polymers: Designing Rheological Properties for Applications

4.2.2 Rheology Modifiers and Consumer Perception Silicones in Personal Care Products: Polydimethyl Siloxanes, Organosilicone Polymers, & Copolymers Silicone Elastomer Applications

4.2.4 Skin Whitener Ingredients

Part 4.2.5 Marine Ingredients for Skin Care: An Ocean of Resources 

4.2.6 Topical Reduction of Visible Skin Deterioration Due to Cellulite

4.3.1 Topical Retinoids

4.3.2 Peptides for Anti-Aging Skin Care

4.3.3 MicroRNAs in Skin Physiology

4.3.4 Amino Acids 

4.3.5 AHAs and Beyond: Anti-Aging Ingredients and Their Benefits for All Layers of the Skin

4.3.6 Cytokines, Growth Factors, and Stem Cells: Newest Approaches to Younger Looking Skin

4.3.7 Antioxidants in Cosmetics for Anti-Aging

Part 5 Anti-Aging

5.0 Fundamentals of Skin Anti-Aging Overview

5.1 Theories of Aging: Skin Anti-Aging: At the Tipping Point

5.2 The Cellular Water Principle

5.3 Anti-Senescence: Achieving the Anti-Aging Effect by Managing Cellular Functions

5.4  Glycation, Proteasome Activation, and Telomere Maintenance

5.4.2 The Proteasome

5.5 Sirtuins and Skin

5.6 Epigenetics of Skin Aging

5.7 Chronobiology of the Skin Skin Circadian Rhythm and Clock Genes: A New Approach to Slowing Down the Aging Process

5.8 Stress, Sleep and Epigenetic Orthodontics: New Directions for Non-Surgical Skin Anti-Aging

5.8.2 Epigenetic Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics: Non-surgical Facial Esthetic Therapy

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