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Part 1 In The Beginning

1.1  Marketing Concepts to Empower Technical People

1.2 Creating the Right Fragrance for Your Personal Care Product

1.3 Fragrance Packaging Design: A Multi-Sensory Experience from Concept to Consumer

1.4 Understanding the Value of Molecular Cell Biology and Gene Analysis for the Next Generation of Cosmetic Products

Part 2 Regulatory

   2.1 Regulatory Requirements Intellectual Property and Achieving Global Market Success for Cosmetic Products

   2.2 An Overview of the Changing Regulatory Landscape In the USA and EU

   2.3.1 Achieving Global Market Access - focus on Russia

   2.3.2 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA): Cosmetics and Perfumery Products: Market Access and Regulations

   2.3.3 Achieving Global Market Access - focus on China

   2.3.4 Nanomaterials in Cosmetics: Regulatory and Safety Considerations

   2.4 Intellectual Property (IP) Issues: Patents and Trade Secrets

Part 3 The Substrates

   3.1 Substrate: The Skin: Structure, Biochemistry and Function

   3.2.1 Classification Scale for Skin Complexions Around the World

   3.2.2 Dermatologic Disorders in Skin of Color

   3.2.3 Asian Ethnic Skin: Specialty Corrective Cosmeceuticals for Asian Ethnic Skin Care

   3.2.4 Compromised Skin in the Elderly

   3.3.0  The Hair 

   3.3.1 Overview of Physical and Chemial Properties of the Hair

   3.3.2 An Overview of Hair Follicle Anatomy and Biology

   3.3.3 Hair Aging: Fundamentals, Protection and Repair

   3.3.4 Mechanisms of Changes in Hair Shape

   3.3.5 Eyelashes: Anatomy and Conditioners For Increasing Length and Fullness/Thickness 

   3.4  The Nails

   3.5 The Nose

   3.6.1 The Mouth and Oral Care 

   3.7 Lip Skin: Structure and Function

   3.8 Feminine Rejuvenation

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